Monday, August 02, 2010

Quickly into August

Would a few photos count as a post? Would I be forgiven? I hope so because that's all the energy I have left today.

Reid Jamieson - Fields Of Gold

Though it happened completely spontaneously, I picked blueberries on Saturday morning. My whole weekend was like that - doing unplanned activities and the planned activities never happening. For some reason the photo of blueberries is showing in portrait instead of landscape. Hmmmm.

Life Can Be So Nice

I had a great time playing 'find the kitty' with Kenz in the trees. I have a much harder one if you're interested.

Josh Rouse - Summertime

My favorite flower in my garden is blooming. I don't even know the proper name of this lily but I love it like no other. Anyone else know? I know it's name ends in D'oro but can't remember the first part.

Have a good week everyone. I plan to post next Tuesday if not before, with words, not only photos.


Ralph said...

With photos like these no words are needed. Thanks, Cuidado.

Ocean said...

those blueberries look delish!!!
Love you

Carol Tiffin James said...

Stella D'oro? That's all I could come up with in a Google search. I know nothing personally about flowers, but it's a lovely picture.

We're eating fresh blueberries too! Before we know it, the apples will be here, I guess. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Cuidado said...

You're kind, Ralph. I'm overwhelmed and don't have a lot of time.

Cuidado said...

They certainly are, Ocean. In a few minutes I am going to have a bowl of cereal and blueberries. Are you getting lots of raspberries?

Cuidado said...

I think that's it, Carol! I didn't think of googling it. It is such a beautiful lily! I did a painting of one last winter.

friv said...

I like this, nature, animals I love it
Angry birds