Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Sleeps

Would you believe I am just waking up from a nap? Its a very hot and humid day and it was a hot and humid night. I had been out and about all day after not sleeping well last night. I was so sleepy I had trouble driving home so a nap is just what I needed.

Speaking of sleep, I had a strange dream the other night where Robert Downey Jr. was my boyfriend. He and a friend's brother who struggles with alcohol had broken out of rehab by jumping into water a hundred meters below the rehab which was on the edge of a cliff. They were taken to hospital and my friend and I went to visit them. It took us a long time to find them but finally did with the help of a child-sized nurse. We found them counting how much drugs, alcohol and cigarettes they had between them, planning an escape. The sad part of the dream was that if Robert Downey Junior were your boyfriend, you'd expect some benefits - which were not forthcoming. Darn!

Sleep and dreaming has turned out to be the theme and I've got the songs to match. Go To Sleep by The Avette Brothers and Crazy Dreamers by Ray LaMontagne fit quite well. I had first thought of an Iron and Wine song but that can wait till another day.

Ok, the day has come for the Iron and Wine song as the Avett Brothers is already in the files. I didn't find it the first time because I spelled their name wrong on the previous post. Here's The Devil Never Sleeps. I really like this band's style. According to their website they have their live shows available to download.

It looks as though we may get a thunderstorm. It would be good it it clears the humidity but I hope it waits till the steaks are off the barbecue.

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