Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Over and Back

The house is filled with new vases of flowers. It's corners have also been vacuumed, it's surfaces cleaned, it's corners shined, and good odors are wafting throughout. It's my day off! I'm loving it. I had one friend's visit for a couple of hours and am expecting another any time now. I'm not getting as much done as I intended but that's ok. Tomorrow brings a short trip to town but I can get everything else done then too.

Rain was forecast but we're not getting any. We're getting a bit of a wind (a nice breeze) from a tropical storm passing up the Atlantic but the rain stopped yesterday. The sun peeked through only a few times but it's a lovely summer day to be outside. My friend and I sat outside on the deck and it was wonderful. My flowerpots are beautiful. I took photos but they're in the camera. Another day or so and I'll have uncovered the photos.

I made a cd for my daughter the end of April called Daughter's Day. I usually make a copy for myself too, of all cd's I've made. I play this a lot and here are a couple of the reasons why:
I'll pick away and link more songs when I have the time.


Ocean said...

I have been listening to this cd a lot actually! Talk to you soon.

Cuidado said...

You didn't like it that much when I first sent it.