Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back At It

I was stuck behind this load of wood and load of hay yesterday on the way into town. PEI is full of slow moving vehicles at this time of year. Tractors are pulling any number of pieces of machinery and hay wagons are everywhere. That's one of the reasons we countryfolk don't want to go to town in the summer.

I had to go to town yesterday for the long-awaited (twice canceled) dental appointment and have to go next week for a doctor's appointment. Maddening that I couldn't get them on the same day. My doctor is on vacation this week and my dentist is going first of August. I have an abscessed tooth so will be returning back to the dentist in mid-August for a root canal.

I had gin and tonics and a fabulous dinner at a friends after the dental appointment so there was a plus side to the day. We celebrated thirty years of friendship and I specifically stated that I was celebrating thirty years of meals of this friend's incredible cooking. We had a really fun afternoon and hope to have many more for thirty more years.

I haven't played Jill Barber for a while. Here is Measures and Scales from her album, Oh Heart, and I'm re-uploading a live cut of When I'm Making Love To You from a radio program on CFRC in Kingston, Ontario.

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