Thursday, July 31, 2008

Late In the Day

Two More Sleeps

This is a first, posting at 10 pm. I got home at 9:30, a full hour earlier than usual. I had a busy day but it had some great points. I have some friends who make it to the island every five years or so. We've been trying to get together but with conflicting schedules, have not been able to. We finally managed to get together this morning for coffee. They are living at a beach house for the month but I just couldn't make it. We had some great laughs and caught up as much as you can in a couple of hours. They spend their winters in southeast Asia, the lucky dogs!

My daughter and I are both pretty excited about the upcoming week. She's so pumped she'd finding sleep difficult. It's only one more sleep for her. She's spending one night in Nova Scotia before she lands here. She's going to arrive on PEI a few hours before my son and his family. She wants to get her share of hugs.

Look at the photos of my grandchildren. You can see why I can't wait. I haven't seen them in a year and a half. I got an email from my little grandson tonight. It has a photo of him sitting in a suitcase. He's ready to travel. My granddaughter is excited about seeing my ducks.

I've got a wonderful version of My Girl by John Hiatt and Loudon Wainwright III. Loudon also brings us our second song, Daughter.


Ocean said...

No More Sleeps!!!!!!!!!

Kat said...

There must be lots of hugs and kisses in your house today! Have the most welcome time!