Monday, August 04, 2008

Fun Times

Update: I wrote this a couple of hours ago when Blogger was having problems. Putfile is having problems too. I am having no problems. My niece and her family arrived. We have eaten a delicious meal and the house is filled with people of all ages ans laughter is what I am hearing the most. I think there is some tickling going on.

I wish I could share some photos of the sweetest little grandkids of the world but I only have photos of the backs of heads or flying hair. My camera is very slow and the kids are very fast - not a good combination. They are off visiting a relative recovering from a motorcycle accident and I am waiting for my niece's family and cooking.

One major drawback of the visit so far has been the weather. It has been pouring rain since they arrived. I'm sure we must have broken records for rainfall in a 24 hour period for each of the first 48 hours they were here. It stopped for a while this morning so we went out to kick a soccer ball through wet grass and had races around the house. Young kids have to burn off some energy and we, as adults, must make every opportunity available for that.

A little break... My daughter, her boyfriend and other son arrived but they're off again for a bit. Soon enough, the house will be a beehive of activity with four kids four years and under, a whole bunch of lively young adults, and a sleepy me.

I've been dancing and singing with my two year old granddaughter. Supposedly these are her favorite activities and they are mine too so we've been having a great time. Here's one we liked - I Can't Stop by Bettye LaVette. I've mentioned before how much I love Gotan Project. Their funky world beat tangos are dance music for me so here are a couple more that I'm adding to the music pages: Cite Tango and Notas.

My daughter and her boyfriend are requesting more homemade cd's to take back to Alberta so I will happily comply with that request. It's a favorite mother job of mine. Maybe I'll make my two year old granddaughter a dance cd too.


Ralph said...

What a time for the weather to go crazy on you! But it sounds as if your reunion is everything yoiu wanted it to be anyway.

I was all set to savor me so =me of that "funky tango" but they wouldn't play. The player icon turns into a question mark and nothing happens. Got Betty Lavette, though.

Cuidado said...

I wish I could tell you what is going on with Putfile. Bettye LaVette is probably playing because it was uploaded a long time ago. The new ones won't play for me either.

It's cold and yucky again today. The families have taken the kids into the library. Grandma is doing laundry.

Cuidado said...

Ralph, I meant to tell you to search for Gotan Project on the top left search block on the blog for more of their great sound.

Ralph said...

Ah, yes! Will do!