Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Guest Blogger

Hello everyone! This is Ocean and Dennis, Cuidado's daughter, and daughters boyfriend....We are just here from Calgary visiting mom for summer vacation..Mom feels bad because she is is very busy and tired from a long, yet wonderful week with her son and his family, and of course us. The week was full of good meals, good company, and lots of laughs. My cousin and her husband also came over, they have two little girls the same age as my niece and nephew so we had lots of tickle fights and band practices.

The weather hasn't been great since we have been here but we are hoping it starts to look up, we still have a second week left in Halifax so hopefully things will improve by then, but to tell the truth we are both just happy to be home and to be breathing the maritime air!!!!!!

Here is Dennis' pick for music, Filipino Box Spring Hog by Tom Waits. Hope y'all enjoy it!!


Ralph said...

Pleased to meet you guys! I know your mom is enjoying the visit--she's been talking about it here for weeks. Thanks for checking in and give her our love.

Ocean said...

Nice to meet you too, I am always reading your comments!!! Just as an update, it seems the weather is going to improve!

Michael Rawluk said...

Give mom an extra big hug. She deserves it.