Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Had a couple of great reunions with a few different sets of friends today and sat in the sun. I have similar plans for tomorrow. The sun is most important for choosing activitites. I keep saying to friends, "I wasn't born a white girl." I've always been tanned. It's in my email address. The lack of sun always affects me. I was depressed in Vancouver one May with it's constant rain. The sun is so vital!

Every week I've been wanting sun and got it in spades today. The temperature was a lot cooler though. After raging thunder storns last night, we got cool temperatures today. I chose being outside over housework so will be kept busy tonight.

Doing the "me time" is taking away from organizing things and I fear getting behind. I have to pay bills tomorrow and do those ritualistic parts of life that you do on your days off. I need groceries but I can't do that in the sun.

I'm only having one song today so that if you normally listen to two will just listen carefully to this amazing song. The lyrics of Refuge of the Road by Joni Mitchell are at first much like this day and time in many ways. Some of the same images are in play. Just listen to these lyrics for those who know my time. Everything but the crying is true. I am a refuge from the road - from the wheel of fortune, as the lyrics say.

To play only one song does seem extreme. Here's a second song to remember my morning. I had strange dreams then woke up at twenty minutes to ten, the latest hour in my life so far other than when I was a growing teen. Serena Ryder has Last Night I had the Strangest Dream. Will all my meetings with friend I hadn't talked to anyone about those.

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