Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mushroom Hunting

The beach will have to wait. There was a cold north wind all day and my beach which faces north would not have been the nicest place to be. I went instead, to the woods. In search of the mighty fine chanterelle mushroom. The hunt was very successful and I got a half grocery bag full. I walked two and a half km. in, making it a five km. walk. I sauntered and picked on my way in and walked very quickly on the way out, stopping only to take off my outerwear after the first fast km. My pack was heavier than usual as I was carrying raingear as I wasn't sure that it wouldn't rain.

Because of the rain the chanterelles have grown differently than in most years. They are very frilled. The photo, though it isn't the clearest, shows this quite well. The top usually flutes much more evenly and smoothly. They grew very close to the ground and are like are like curly chanterelles. They are going to be delicious tonight no matter the shape. I will keep a quantity fresh and freeze some tonight. I have to go start cleaning them which with their twisty condition is going to be more difficult than usual.

I've had two friends come by to visit so far and one I don't see often is about to drop in so if I get stopped (it's 5:06 now), I'll be back. This friend may share my supper that is to include chanterelles. You never know.

I have to play this. I don't know if I've mentioned this here or only in person. I have a favorite song most of the time. It usually stays in this position for a month or two. Right now it's The Company of Friends by Danny Schmidt. I think it's the most awesome song and I relate to it in a big way. Another of Danny's songs, Sad Song Walking deserves a play today in honour of my walk in the woods. There was nothing about sadness out there but I like this guy and his Company of Friends song may remain my favorite song for another six months. Have you played it yet? A livelier song by Danny Schmidt and that includes a nice harmony singer is Sunny Days. My sunny day will have to wait till tomorrow when I'm back to work but you can get a taste now.


Ralph said...

I will anxiously await a report on those chanterelles!

Cuidado said...

Oh, they were fantastic. I froze two packages, had a ton with dinner and have enough fresh for several weeks. They are so, so delicious. I guess there is one good thing about wet weather.