Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Glorious Summer

What a glorious day to be off. It's going to be very hot but there is a beautiful breeze and all is well with my world. The highlight of my day so far was to go to the local strawberry field, get a couple of boxes of still-warm, fat, juicy berries and then the store to get a container of cold heavy cream. I put the two together and voila, the real highlight of the day.....so far.

I'm having a friend for supper who is in serious need of comfort after a devastating blow in the relationship field. Who hasn't had one of those and needed a shoulder to cry on.

I asked my son this morning what he wanted for a home-cooked meal today and he said tacos and French onion soup. I'm afraid neither is on the menu with company coming to dinner but I'll try that combination for tomorrow. I thought it was kind of a strange combination but everyone has individual tastes.

That brings me to music. I love how musical tastes are so diverse. It also changes over time. I was listening to a song today that I like very much but it ends with loud rock and roll. I always want to turn it off at that point. I certainly loved loud rock and roll at one time but have moved away from it to a large degree.

Something I never understood was that my mother did not like The Moody Blues. She liked Frank Zappa, Led Zeplin, Neil Young, CSNY, The Beatles and Stones and all that I listened to back in the late sixties but could not stand The Moody Blues. My oldest son does not like The Waifs and my uncle doesn't like Ray Charles. I don't understand it but accept that others have different musical tastes.

Since my Uncle Ray doesn't read this blog I'm posting Ray Charles. There is so much to choose from from this great, great artist that it's a difficult task. I've chosen two very different styles because he had blues hits, pop hits and country hits. Here's some blues, Hard Times, and some country, Seven Spanish Angels, where he's singing with Willie Nelson. Seven Spanish Angels may not work. If anyone else using Putfile has already uploaded a song mine piggybacks it and it is used on my page. It doesn't seem to be working but may later. It does not good to upload it again as it will piggyback to there again. I've uploaded another. I had I've Got a Woman on a 45 that I remember so well. I found it in a hiding place before Christmas and never told anyone - until now.


Ralph said...

Strawberries: we were watching Jamie whatisname, the English cook ("The Naked Chef") yesterday and he featured strawberries from his garden in several recipes. They were blood red. I realized that I've never in my life had an honest-to-God strawberry, just those cardbgoard things you get all year from the supermarket. I've resolved to stop at the nexdt farm stand for some strawberries next time we're on a country road. Same for blueberries--I've never tasted wild blueberries. A huge gap in my experience!

Ocean said...

Ma, I was wondering if you could get a box of the strawberries and freeze them for me or something???? I am craving real strawberries and cream!!!!

Kat said...

That is the most inviting picture. I'm thinking a picnic in the shade of the tree and maybe a bit of a nap after lunch!

Anonymous said...

Seven Spanish Angels worked for me.
Thank you
I love this song.
Love You

Cuidado said...

Ralph, you've missed a lot. There's nothing like fresh berries and cream. I loved your idea of adding the cherries to the fresh blueberry pie. I think they'd go well together.

Cuidado said...

Sure, ocean. I'll freeze a box for you.

Cuidado said...

My friend and I brought our chairs up under the shade trees. Life is wonderful.

Cuidado said...

I love that song too, Cath and am glad it's working now. I've noticed that before with some of the songs I've uploaded. If they haven't been played in a long time, this happens but it eventually works.

Anonymous said...

Tacos and French Onion soup? Wow - that sounds like an incredible combination! Sign - me - up!!

Cuidado said...

I just picked up all the ingredients, A. Be here at 6 o'clock.