Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Short But Happy News

Three More Sleeps

I'm taking a few minutes for a quick post after a bit of an absence. I must eat food with my medication so am killing two birds with one stone. Three more sleeps till the kids are here and one day off so I'm very busy. I slept late as I didn't sleep well during the night so got a late start to the day.

Some great news - my music files are accessible again. I have no idea what the problems were but am very, very happy they've been solved. Speaking of music, here are today's songs. My daughter recieved the name Angel as a middle name nickname the day she was born. This song is for her. She's not a country fan but the words 'destination home' are in the lyrics and the lyrics in general are perfect for her. The title is Infamous Angel and the song is by Iris Dement. For my son I have Waitin' For You by his favorite musician, Bob Dylan.


Ralph said...

Cuidado, Iris is to "country" what Chateau Petrus is to box wine. Your daughter should be honored by the comparison.

Cuidado said...

She'll listen and appreciate the lyrics but it's not something I'd put on a cd I was making for her. I think Iris is one of the greatest writers.