Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Three Hours

Logged on here two hours ago and got the following sentence typed:

My neighbour cut the hay today so

I have absolutely no idea what I planned to say after that. I took a few shots of this year's operation but have put up a photo of last year's cut as the new shots are still in the camera. The photo had been put up two hours ago as well. I usually start with the photo.

I've had visitors, put finishing touches on supper (ribs, potato salad and Monday salad again) but haven't eaten yet. I'm waiting for my son but not much longer - only till seven.

Update: It's now 7:07 and Sonny has been here and gone - off to a barbecue at his cousin's house. It's a holiday after all.

The weather is muggy and hot but I love it. Being in the sun today, on the deck, and in the garden in between household chores was fabulous. I'm going on a little jaunt tomorrow, exploring some towns and the countryside. It should be beautiful with the lupins still at large. I get another day off in lieu of today, as my regular day off is a holiday. I'm taking it later in the month, before my daughter and son and his family come for a visit. I'll need that extra day then.

OK, I'm rambling....Songs, that's what this all about. On and On It Goes by Mary Chapin Carpenter first comes to mind so I'll put that up. The other song today is for the top searcher who cre8ive1 depends on month after month. Ingrid Michaelson is the top search for people who find this blog. For her fans here's Die Alone. Turns out On and On It Goes is already up so here is a second one for the Ingrid fan, Corner of Your Heart.

I'ts now three hours since I logged onto the Blogger Dashboard.


Ralph said...

I just love Mary Chapin Carpenter and can't figure out why I never followed her music more closely. I'm trying to fix that.

Cuidado said...

I agree. She has some very good songs.