Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday

Surprise! It is Monday and I am here after all. I had a heart to heart, private conversation with my boss. She has reinstated my original schedule thankfully, and I will not have to work a fourteen hour Monday. i think I would have needed a couple of days to recover. On Saturday, a normal busy day, my pedometer registered 28,337 steps which is almost twenty-four kilometers. That was from a ten hour shift. Can you imagine fourteen hours at that pace. A marathon is twenty-six so on a really busy day I walk over a marathon. All that said, I can't wait till tomorrow for my two days off.

There were thousands of tourists on the island this weekend for the Festival of Lights in Charlottetown. One of the highlights are concerts of many, rock and pop bands for three nights. My son bought a three day pass and a group of his university friends came over from Halifax. Last night was cold and rainy. I wouldn't have wanted to be standing outside in that for anything! But the twenty-somethings thought nothing of it. They had a great time. Son said that it only downpoured for the first and last bands - perfect timing. OK then.

There are two songs of the day today. One is Private Conversation by Lyle Lovett; the other is Happy by Martin Sexton, who is one of the best acts I've ever seen in concert. He is at Stanfest in Canso, NS next weekend which is where I saw him a few years ago.

I feel like a new woman today instead of one filled with dread.


Ralph said...

What a fabulous picture! And what a great song is "Happy!" Can I have it?

And what great news, for you and for whomever you'd be dealing with along about hour number 13, that you're back on a schedule designed for normal human beings.

Cuidado said...

I'd be happy to make you Happy, Ralph. I'm so relieved and happy.

Kat said...

That is the most wonderful face, filled with joy.

I'm glad your boss was so reasonable!

Cuidado said...

That's my granddaughter who I will see one month from tomorrow. She's a big girl of two and a half now. I talked to her on the phone the other day and she kept calling me grandpa and no one was changing her mind.

I'm glad my boss was reasonable too.