Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waifing Away

A Little Waif

I know I've used this photo of Clarke before but I still think of him every day and though I have a photo of him in the kitchen - ok, more than one - I love this one of him. It was taken a few days after he moved here.

Another round of work shifts are beginning thus the morning post. The weather was perfect for my days off and it's nice today too. We are supposed to get some thunder storms this afternoon then cooler weather is coming, going down to 15 degrees by Sunday. Monday it's back to 25.

I'm getting some driveway work done and had heavy equipment here this morning. Work like this has suddenly become a lot more expensive with the rise in gas and oil prices. I am not looking forward to this bill. Prices keep going up. I received a note yesterday from my health insurance provider announcing their yearly increase in fees. I wish I could get an increase in pay that easily.

It's time for more music from my favorite indy band, The Waifs . Sorry, oldest son. The Waitress was the first song I ever heard them do and I was hooked by just that song. When I Die was the second. There has been no turning back. Both of those songs come from Sink or Swim. Nothing New is from Up All Night. I usually link directly to a band's website but today point you to the Wiki article on The Waifs. Every other time I've linked to them so just a little change for today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
K finished junior kindergarten Wednesday for the year. I was remembering that when I finished grade-1, you got me a Wham tape as a gift. So I got K a CD, and bought myself George Michael's greatest hits for posterity. The CD only has three songs (drum-roll).

K and I are going camping tonight for the first time ever, with his friend Quinn. We are all pumped! It is only in our backyard, but a good first-step!

Still don't like those Waifs..

Cuidado said...

Good to do the camping because I want to take your kids and Christine's kids camping in our yard. Why is there only three songs on a cd? I forgive you The Waifs. I know everyone has their faults.