Saturday, June 14, 2008


Lilacs! The air is heady! I just sent some to a friend recovering from surgery but the person delivering them said that she may let my friend have a whiff but plans to kidnap them to her own house. Lily of the valley is in full bloom too. When the lilacs have run their course I hope the lily of the valley will still be around. They're both wonderful plants for scenting a house, especially bathrooms. I've got vases full of white lilacs everywhere.

I had heaps of fun at the party last night. There were friends, food, dancing and staying up late, all adding up to a warm, laid-back but tired satisfaction. I was involved in one conversation where each person's story reminded the next person of another story. That person's story led the next person to remember another story. It went on and on, came back to the beginning, and the moment was magic. We all understood that moment. It was like a collective memory spanning continents and characters.

My story was about having my skirt stuck up the back of my panties while leaving the x-ray department a few years back. I was dancing with a friend (who was at last night's party) at a multicultural fundraiser a couple months later and this fellow, who was a friend of my dance partner, dances over. He says, " I know you from somewhere." You guessed it. We'd sat in the x-ray holding areas for an hour a couple months before. Last night was fun!

We had great dancing music too though there were complaints abounding of it being too loud. The only song that I was still singing this morning (in my head) was Black Horse and Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. I checked and it is officially missing from 'The Pages' so here it is again. Something else missing for song number two or something new?...?... Actually I'm going to play a song that fits last night's party. The Story by Brandi Carlile is one of my all-time-favorite- in-the-world songs. Here it is, and Stories by Ruthie Foster that is quite perfect as well.


Ralph said...

Greaet music as usual, Cuidado, and that party sounds great!

I'm wondering if there's something I'm not understanding about putfile and the way you store your music. Is there a way to download it in mp3 form? Whenever I right click on one of your music links and "save file as," I just end up with a web link, not an mp3 file to add to my own collection. Is there something I don't know how to do?

Cuidado said...

I don't think it can be downloaded via Putfile. The party was great.

Anonymous said...

Try e-mailing it to yourself and save it from there.

Cuidado said...

I'll suggest that to Ralph, zSteve.