Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scratch and Sniff

The house is filled with the smell of lilacs and it is wonderful!!! I had excavation work done a few years ago and they had to take my purple lilac bush which I've never replaced so I only have a tree of white lilacs now. I planted a hedge of purple ones on a property I lived on twenty five years ago and it is now a tree hedge. I'd love to knock on the door of the house on that property and ask for a big bouquet, telling them I planted them. I won't though.

We've had hot humid weather for a couple of days and now it's cool again and we're expecting showers. It doesn't much matter to me when I'm working. I'm off on Friday and Saturday this week so I'm calling for fantastic weather. Friends are having a party on Friday night and it would be nice to be able to have it extend to the back yard. I'm ready for a party though, whether it's inside or out.

I have no lilac songs. I have Scarlet Begonias and Sugar Magnolias from the Grateful Dead though. Will that do?


Ralph said...

Beautiful flowers, Cuidado, and I know how you miss the "lilac" lilacs! But at least you still have the fragrance.

Cuidado said...

Yes, it fills the room.