Friday, June 13, 2008

Party Time

It's afternoon and I feel right about being here. My day is happening; not unknown and about to begin. I haven't done anything exciting though, just the usual first-day-off chores. Chicken and Ribs are in the oven again, laundry is in the washer and dryer. I've been cleaning. No fun at all. I had company for a while and got a bit behind on the schedule but I'll get everything done.

The fun will be tonight. Some friends in Charlottetown are having a party. I have a bedroom reserved in a great inner porch or sunroom. A really cool spot. My friend's parties are always great times. There will be a live band and dancing. I'll have my dancing shoes on and bells on my toes. Speaking of bells on my toes makes me think of Tipsy Gipsy by Stephane Grapelli. Let's Get Together by the Youngbloods comes to mind too so extra time and feeling good about being here brings extra songs today.

We've had stronger than gale force wind the last two days. Very strong winds and it's cool too. That's a bit of a drawback for my friend's party. Only the smokers will venture out to the back yard. A nice back yard can be like an extra room but if the weather isn't suitable, it won't do.

World Party by the Irish group, The Waterboys is the song pick for today. It's from their new album. I don't like to drink Scotch and Soda at all but it's title makes a good party song. Here's a fabulous old version of a song by that name by The Kingston Trio. I really, really like the way this song is so smooth and satisfying - like good chocolate can be.....and a good party.


Ralph said...

The music on the photoblog grabbed me this time. Thanks for the Fiona Apple. She's one of those incategorizable people I know I'll like if I ever delve into and I haven't yet....

Cuidado said...

Ralph: I like both Fiona Apple and Missy Higgins. I discovered her through Josh from The Waifs. He played with her when his two bandmates were on maternity leave. She was lucky. Check'm both out.