Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beer in the Afternoon

I had a wonderful day yesterday and didn't get home till late last night, so no blog post for hump day. I spent the day with friends, got my bedding plants, lots of photos and thoroughly enjoyed my day off.

We had a beer tasting and the winner with the three above was the Kilkenny. Becks came in second and I hardly liked the Bitburger at all. The results were unanimous and judging by the amount of laughter we shared, a good time was had by all.

I should be outside dealing with my bedding plants and may in a bit but it's cold outside and I like gardening in heat. The plants would like it better on a cool day like today so that's the only reason I'm heading out. I've got lots of pots to fill.

I've got a couple of beer songs today. Beer Run by Todd Snider is a fun, talkin' blues type song. I Drink Beer by Dan Reeder was on the pages once and now is again. A version of well-known song sung by Todd Snider always fits well today; Enjoy Yourself.

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