Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rest of the Day Off

I wish you all could experience this awesome PEI day. We had heavy showers before dawn and some light showers this morning and just before noon I trusted the day enough to start hanging clothes on the line. I've always said perfect summer weather is when it rains at night and the sun shines during the day. This is proof. The temperature is 26 degrees centigrade or 79 degrees American. Is that not perfect?

I forgot my camera at work yesterday and ever since have felt naked. I went to town as a passenger last night and wanted the camera so badly. I picked it up this afternoon but missed many photo ops in between. The photo above is of the bloom of a horse chestnut taken a week ago. I saw the same tree today and already tiny chestnuts are developing; but I didn't have my camera. Aren't they a beautiful bloom?

A friend brought me a huge bouquet of iris's at work yesterday for me to take home. They are absolutely gorgeous and smell wonderful too. There are purple, lavendery white , bright yellow and maroon ones and they're stunning. My daughter-in-law sent a photo of my grandson last week. He is smelling an iris that is almost as big as his head. Awesome!

You have to know what song I'll be playing don't you? The Goo Goo Dolls' big hit Iris comes to mind first for me. Did it for you? I've worked so, so hard on this day off as I have appointments in town tomorrow, so for the Rest of The Day Off (by Neil Finn), I'm awaiting company and am going to cook an awesome meal on a perfect PEI summer day.


Ralph said...

Great stuff today. Those chestnut flowers are simply gorgeous, and I hopped over ti Itunes and bought that Neil Finn album simply on the strength of that one song!

Enjoy tomorrow as well!

Ocean said...

You know what's crazy? I had no idea that is what the horse chestnut blooms look like, but they beautiful, gee the things you only realize when you leave eh?
You should send me the picture of K. I am going to send you some from Virgin Fest on the weekend.
Love ya

Cuidado said...

Ralph, Blogging in the afternoon fits with me better. I'm still having a wonderful day off. So glad to hear you bought some music after hearing it here.

Cuidado said...

Ocean, I will forward you the great photos and you do the same. Sounds like a great deal.