Thursday, June 12, 2008

Randy's Dandy

It looks like it is snowing outside. When over a dozen blossoming apple trees and a strong wind meet, that's the effect I am seeing out my windows.

I'm out of time again, sorry to say, so I'll post some music . I'm off work tomorrow so will have a regular afternoon posting which fits much better with me.

I haven't had Randy Newman for a while. Here's Feels Like Home and Lines in the Sand. I could have used the second song for today's Shutterchance post. It would have been perfect for several this week. Randy's website is down but here's a Wikipedia article on him.


Kat said...

I love a blossom snow storm. We used to stand under the trees until we got covered. A great memory!

Ralph said...

I love apples, apple scent, apple you do all the husbanding of those hundreds of trees? Harvest? Pruning? Picking up what's on the ground? Apples are a lot of work!

Cuidado said...

Kat, that's one of my kid memories too.

Cuidado said...

Ralph, yes, I do all the work but I don't have hundreds. I have sixteen. One great thing is that two sides are farmers fields which are used as either pasture or for hay so I can throw the apples to happy cows. I've had people come pock them for cider or to feed pigs too. They are definitely a lot of work. They have never been sprayed and are completely organic.