Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm still alive. I took my new medication and survived the night. I'm not sure where this fear of medications come from other than having studied pharmacology, I know what can happen. I have a reverse side effect syndrome with most meds. If a medication is supposed to make you sleepy, I should take it in the morning as it will stimulate me and keep me from sleeping. It's kind of a joke to my doctor as she is aware of this so advises me differently than anyone else. I've never been able to take cold medications before bed. They're supposed to make you sleepy and let you sleep through the night. They make me as speedy as can be. My eyes aren't even able to shut.

The same idiosyncrasy happened with my kidney tumour - it was hard to identify as this type of tumour is supposed to grow slowly and remain small. Mine grew rapidly and was large.

When linking songs the other day for the Daughter's Day CD I discovered that the Bettye LaVette song How Am I Different was no longer on the music pages. I'll remedy that today as it fits today's post. I love Bettye LaVette and particularly that song . I love her version of Don Henley's You Don't Know Me At All and that's the second song for today.

I got only two out of six numbers in the lottery last night. Oh, well. I thought someone wishing me a win might sway the gods.


Michael Rawluk said...

We had a visit from a woman who can't drink coffee because it makes her fall asleep.

That is a super cool shot of a wonderfully artistic arrangement.

Take care of yourself, Mary. That is an order.

Ralph said...

Wish I had that problem. The slightest stimulus will wake me right up. Iced tea is impossible for me at night. Forget about coffee. And the sleep-inducing effects of NSAIDs are all I usually need for a sleeping pill. If I take a whole Ambien I'm a mess, totally hung over the next day.

Kat said...

Me, I need many more than the usual dosage. My whole family has the same reaction.

That picture is beautiful, and the cat adds just the right feel.

Feel better!

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Michael, for the remark about the deck. I could take better care of myself if I didn't work so hard but you do what you have to do, eh?

Cuidado said...

Ralph: I'm very caffeine sensitive. I have only one coffee a day - early in the morning and that's all my system can handle. I had my first sleeping pills this winter and they were wonderful. Since I could sleep only in one position (on my back) I was not sleeping well. The sleeping pills changed everything and I think that;s when I started to heal.

Cuidado said...

Kat: Isn't it wonderful how we're all so different. It's a hard job for a physician though, to sort us all out. My doctor is five years older than I am and getting ready to retire. I don't want to see that day. The Celebrex is actually working. I feel a difference after just two pills.