Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hoping For Rain

The weather person just announced that there is light rain falling in Charlottetown. Even though we're close by, our area has a little micro climate where we don't get rain when all around us does. The summer of 2000 we got zero rain from May till late August while the surrounding communities had normal rainfall. I really hope it rains today. We need it.

It's back to work in a couple of hours - the beginning of five long, hard shifts. It's so exhausting. I went to bed while it was still light out on my two days off. It would be nice to not have to work but I suppose everyone thinks that.

I went to visit a friend last week. Today's photo is of her new rooster. She has a hen who comes into the kitchen and eats cat food. It was too funny! I got some photos but they have to be straightened. That's the only altering I ever do and have to straighten horizons quite often. It seems I tilt my head when photographing.

Here are prayers for today: Rain by Nick Drake and Standing in the Rain by the Right Reverend Al Green.


Ralph said...

That picture is breathtaking. Now get your rest!

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Ralph. Roosters are beautiful creatures. I had a great sleep, thanks!