Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two Days

We're having three courses tonight with some space between courses. We've had our French onion soup and will have tacos next. For dessert I have strawberries and cream and Skor Bar Squares. How fast can you say yum! to that.

I had a different pattern to my days off this week. I was having company both days so instead of all the housework on Tuesday and having Wednesday free and clear, I did half the housework each day and was home late afternoon both days. I went for a spin to deposit my paycheck and take some photos but came back to the house and enjoyed me time right here where I love it best.

I've now had my tacos and young son has arrived home again and is having his. I'm feeling week and sweltering and am thinking of a quick dip at the beach. I will check the tides.

I mentioned back in early May how I was really taken with the song, Wonderful Life from The Felice Brothers. I still play it a lot and like it very much. It's been stuck in my head for days. Through someone who visits my Shutterchance blog, I was recently introduced to an artist from Britain from the 70's and like very much what I've heard of him so far. Here's by Sunshine BetterJohn Martyn. I'm not sure how I missed him. Someone else I've been listening to is Holly Golightly. Here's Walk A Mile. I think I mentioned before how I like her 60's sound. We've got it all covered here today.

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