Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Bump in a Perfect Day

I've had a busy day but enjoyed it so very much! I loved every chore from laundry and defrosting a fridge to cooking. I love being home. I love taking the time to stroll through gardens cutting flowers, smelling the roses and making beautiful bouquets. I love my sheets on the line. I love just not having to go to work.

Remember last week, I asked my son what he'd like for dinner and he requested French onion soup and tacos. I gave him a choice of lasagna or cannelloni today. He chose lasagna. I have the sauce done and the rest to do.

My sheets didn't go out till afternoon as we had rain this morning. We had half a day of rain yesterday too and it was great. With heavy showers for two half-days we got a perfect amount of moisture I'd say. I have friends and neighbours in the farm community and their livings depend on a supply of rain.

My arthritis has been acting up and that's what the music is about today. I should try to slow down but it's just not in me. Alicia Keys has the perfect musical choices with Every Little Bit Hurts and Slow Down. You can't keep a good woman down. Here's the very different and mellower Every Little Bit Hurts by Ellis Hall that was recently requested for a repost.

Something serious has happened with my Putfile and I am not recognized as a user. Please see if you can play a song from yesterday. I can't even do that. I will check again later.

I have a friend who'll be here soon. We plan to solve all the problems of the world. I hope Putfile solves itself.

Update: Everything seems to be working again.

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