Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Awesomeness

Goodness this month is going fast. Already it's the last week of October. It's been a beautiful month, though a bit wet at first. We got several walks in again last week so there has been no repeat of three weeks ago's constant rain. This weekend was rainy and windy but beautiful yesterday with warm (13) temperatures. An overnight of 3 and very windy again today stopped our getting out this afternoon. I danced instead and worked up a good sweat so I got some cardio and fun. You should try it.

My daughter and her dog were home again making a record breaking three out of four weekends. I didn't see much of her though as she was celebrating things in her dad's family. It's wonderful to see her anytime so we had fun when we were able to get together. The photo of Baxter is not from this weekend, by the way, but from a day at the beach in the summer.

I'm painting quite a bit most days and am going to be finishing a stained glass project this week (sorry Steve and Ellie), both good activities after long walks in the woods. The time will change next weekend and because of the importance of light to both activities, schedules will change again. I'd like to work on all three of my disciplines at the same time and am thinking of ways to arrange things in the studio and study (this room) to maybe accomplish that. The computer may end up in a smaller space is the only drawback. I love the big, airy, elbow-room space around my computer with it's big window view.

Still into simple folk music at the moment, ok, more than into, I'm obsessed. I've got some Fred Neil for today. Here is simply Little Bit of Rain and Fred Neil and Vince Martin with Morning Dew.


Ralph said...

Great to see things are going so well for you, Cuidado. We're also having roller-coaster weather, hot and cold, dry and rainy, all within a week's time. The longer it stays warm(ish) the better!

Cuidado said...

I'm happy for any warmth we get too. I'm still not finished my outside chores. There are not enough hours in a day.

Carol Tiffin James said...

When we downsized, I was forced to have one small room for my computer/office and sewing/quilting. I love to have it all in the same room. Every time I sit down to check email, I see my almost-finished blouse reminding me to complete it. I'm right by a double window - love that natural light!

PS - I stole another picture, the one above with the sunlight filtering through the trees. I feel so fortunate to have my very own desktop backgrounds from Canada!

Cuidado said...

Just saw this comment weeks later. I still haven't rearranged anything. It would be a major job to do this plan.

Glad you like the photos.