Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Weekend

I started this post when I came home from work, hungry and waiting for dinner to cook. I soon discovered my son had borrowed the cable from my hard drive. I had no photos or music. I am hooked up again so will start anew, fed and feeling a lot more relaxed. I am working all weekend so am not in holiday mode.

I feel quite guilty about not be paying much attention to this blog. I should refer you instead to An Island Walk as I am there at least a few times a week and every day at Shutterchance. I haven't much time, sad to say, and there will be a lot less of it when gardening season begins. Posting photos takes less time. I never plan what I will write about. Until the minute I sit down I don't think about a post. I may know something I might want to mention or have a theme day to respond to but what I say and the music are spur of the moment.

Something I do want to say is if you follow musicblog, Keep the Coffee Coming, take note that the new address is in the sidebar and here it is for easy grabbing. She was shut down at her former home here at blogger.

I am always listening to good music and have been listening to some Gospel. It seems like a perfect fit for this weekend's religious celebrations. I remember the Holy Days of Obligation and the Stations of the Cross , church services at least twice during the weekend. Here's something fitting: Jane Siberry 's artful voice with Swing Low Sweet Chariot and In My Time of Dying by Blind Willie Johnson.

The weather is wonderful but flowers except for the early bulbs like crocus are not in bloom. Spring is showing it's joyful displays at my house though, with forced tulips and forsythia as neither are anywhere near blooming outdoors. I threw away the last of the forsythia today but have wonderful tulips in vases. The tulips are produced locally and are a welcome treat during the winters here. I always force forsythia myself, have for the 25 years at this house anyway. My front daffodils are coming along nicely but it will be a couple of weeks yet. Joys of the season, my friends.

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