Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mid Winter Chat

A short update in a winter that is hardly a winter at all. We've had a couple of snowfalls, a few cold nights and not very much ice at all. It has been good for commuting, except for the price of gas. It feels like spring is on it's way. Robins have returned. Foxes are roaming and filling up, getting ready to birth and the days are noticeably lengthening.

Update: Started writhing this at the end of January. Winter snow, rain, freezing rain, ice, sleet, ice pellets, and wind have arrived since the first of February and it is now wintery. Yesterday though, was 7 degrees, sunny and springlike. Gas prices are still going up.

We lost our dear, sweet Kenz, AKA Ms Mackenzie, on the 2nd of February. She was up and about even on her last day, going outdoors in that cold winter day three times. She was 13 in August, middle aged, hardly an elderly cat. Her sister Bella, even though a little overweight, seems in fine shape yet.

I have lost several important people in my life this winter as well. I am taking a day off work for a funeral tomorrow. Winter is hard on the weak, frail and elderly. My friend who is being buried tomorrow would be 97 on his birthday in March. A ripe old age with minor medical problems. Quietly went. Another friend went to sleep after a game of cribbage with her son. Then quietly went.

Losing friends and acquaintances is a continuing theme in our middle years. New babies keep entering our families and lives though, showing that life does go on, the planet keeps turning. Life goes round and round.

At 13 months, my sweet granddaughter is still a delight. I get juicy Skype kisses and sweet babbles when we talk on the phone each day. She has just started walking and I am really looking forward to seeing her in person in the spring.


Ocean said...

Awe, I look every day for a new post. We can't wait to see you in the Spring either! Love you to pieces

Cuidado said...

Ha, when I saw Elmsdale, I always thought it was Jean. Hurry up spring.

Gwen Buchanan said...

You have a Sweet little grandchild... our youngest grandchild is almost 10 months old... and I wish they lived next door.

Cuidado said...

New ones keep arriving, Gwen; another for this family in late summer.To have them near would be the best!