Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking In On the Best

Yesterday and today are the first days we've experienced November like weather this month - of November. Our weather has been delightful, warm and mostly full of sunshine. Yesterday was rainy and very windy and cool. Today is much warmer and not windy but it's been dark and drizzly off and on. I certainly appreciate all the nice weather we've had as I love to be outside and prefer this to cold, wintery weather.

I have a poll for you. The spell checker is telling me that the proper spelling for the second last word in the above paragraph is wintry. This looks wrong to me and thought wintery was the right word. Which is it?

We canceled a long hike yesterday because of the weather. I went Sunday shopping for the first time instead. I was planning a trip to town someday soon to get a birthday gift but received an invitation to share a Sunday dinner with good friends. Seemed like a perfect idea. A leg of lamb was served and the meal was outstanding. My friend is the best cook I know. She also joined me for shopping for part of the afternoon. We fought the crowds. I had no idea Sunday shopping was so popular. I dare say it must have been busier yesterday than it was on Saturday.

For twenty four hours Oprah is offering a couple of songs on her website. One is the Christmas song What Child is This by Andrea Bocelli and Mary J Blige. It is the best song I've heard all year and was so pleased to be able to get it.

If there is no poll, I can't remember how to make one. Give me a few minutes.


Ralph said...

I vote for wintry. It's a word usually used in poems and weather reports. Not logical, for sure, but hey--this is English. Go to any weather website in February and you'll see the expression "wintry mix."

What's with the various words highlighted in yellow ("weather," "cook," "songs"). I clicked on them thinking they were links, but no....

Cuidado said...

Ralph, I believed the spell checker to most likely be correct. It just looked odd to me. The title today was Looking in on the Best - I highlighted weather, cook and music. My mind works in weird ways.

Anonymous said...

Adjectivewintery (comparative winterier, superlative winteriest)


Alternative spelling of wintry.
Retrieved from ""
Categories: English adjectives | English alternative spellings

Cuidado said...

Thank you, anonymous. It means both are acceptable I guess.

Anonymous said...


My preferende would be to use wintery thoug.

Cuidado said...

That seems better to me too, Anon. Thanks for looking it up.