Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Tis the Season

I can't believe a week has passed again. It's been a busy week. Like everyone else, I'm knee deep in Christmas preparations along with everything else and hardly have time to turn around. My son, who was just into the Christmas baking, said when I complained, "You can just make more." "Hmmmph", is what I said.

I took a lovely stroll to the woods yesterday to find a suitable Christmas tree. I found several hardwood saplings instead and bound them together into a passable Christmas tree. I set that up last night while I listened to a couple of Christmas playlists I'd made. It looks rather nice though birch would have been nicer. I used what I had. I made a few swags and sprays out of some fresh white pine. A large branch from the white pine tree in the yard broke off in the wind a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to have a use for it. I still have two other wreath forms and will make some pine wreaths if I have time.

Get Me Through December is still my favorite Christmas song for the month . It goes on every December playlist. A couple more nice seasonal tunes that I've been listening too are Maybe This Christmas by Ron Sexsmith and Go Tell It On the Mountain by Desert Noises. The new Andrea Boccelli Christmas album is also really good. Angelic is the first thing I think of when thinking of his wonderful voice.

I will try to get back here before the big day. Until then, work, work, work, do, do , do. "Tis the Christmas season.


Carol Tiffin James said...

Lots of people around make wreaths that look wonderful - one of these days, I want to learn.

This is the first Christmas we will not have a tree. We got a couch last summer, and we really have no room for a tree anymore. But we're stringing lights everywhere to make it look festive, and our other Christmas decorations are scattered around. Ed says if I miss that Christmas tree smell, to just step outside - as we are surrounded by pines! LOL

Merry Christmas from my house to yours!

Cuidado said...

Thank you for the good wishes, Carol. I have a pine spray for make up for the lack of smell of the untraditional hardwood tree. Merry Christmas to you and Ed and you children and granddaughters.

nan said...

Hello Cuidado! Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas. Thanks for your comment on my blog. When I think of my blog-o-sphere friends, you are right up there. I always enjoy your photography and your posts on this blog too! Best wishes and good cheer!

Cuidado said...

My blogging here has changed since June and still putting photos out there on the other blogs. I check in here every week or so now, sadly. The best Christmas to you and your family, Nan (for the second time) LOL