Thursday, March 18, 2010

Second Chances

I must tell you about my bad luck/good luck day. On Tuesday I have to be in a community about twenty minutes away for a painting group at nine am. When I woke it was really foggy outside. After a cup of coffee had rearranged my braincells back into their usual cre8ive condition, I decided to rush my shower and breakfast (forgetting medication) leave a half hour early and get some shots at Pinette bridge and harbour and maybe a few other spots if time would permit.

When I arrived at the first beautiful foggy location, I got out of the car, turned my camera on and discovered I had not returned the memory card to my camera after removing photos the night before. It would not make sense to drive back home for the card as I would then not have time to stop to take photos. I was very disappointed but it didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the view. I made the best of it and relaxed for a bit taking in the sights. I drove slowly along my route enjoying the beautiful foggy landscapes.

I left painting group at noon and much to my surprise, it was still foggy. I went home, made lunch, and went to visit a friend who was celebrating his ninety-fifth birthday. When I left there it was still foggy so I went home for my memory card then took off for a repeat drive down the coast. The fog wasn't as thick or as widespread as in the morning but there was an added benefit of the sun being out everywhere that it was not foggy. As a result you can see blue sky and fog in some photos. I also got to photograph some geese in a river.

I had to rush around again to get to work but to the cre8ive me a quick supper of leftovers was worth it. I got some very nice shots, some that have been posted on my other blogs. We rarely get this type of fog here. It usually burns off by ten. I was quite accustomed to all day foggy days when I lived in Saint John, New Brunswick for several years. Constant fogginess was the reason I left there for here that thirty-some years ago.

A day like Tuesday can make your heart sing which this tune always does for me. Tchavalo Swing by Hot Club of Cowtown is an awesomely hepped up song that I include on lots of dance CD's. For someone who prefers a slow melody here's a song that tells us that days come in all kinds. It is Jeffery Foucault and That's the Way the World Goes 'Round. I believe it's a John Prine song.


Ralph said...

When you dropped it in that you forgot your meds, I was getting ready for some hospital emergency! Glad it was nothing more than a forgotten memory card. That's a beautiful photo!

Christine said...

Your friend who was celebrating his 95th Birthday... I'm assuming this is your former "across the road neighbour"? Tell him a Big Happy Belated Birthday from me.


Cuidado said...

Ralph, All turned out well in a day that I thought that was shot. First thing in the morning I spilled coffee all over the floor. After I found the memory card missing I thought this was going to be 'one of those days.'

Cuidado said...

Yes, Christine, it was my neighbour and I will pass on the wishes. I'll bring up the pictures of you and the kids.

Michael Rawluk said...

I always have a spare memory card in my pocket. You got some beautiful shots out of it

Cuidado said...

Michael, I have several spares but thought the card was in it. I think to carry one is a good idea so I will put one in the battery bag.