Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring or Not

Where has the time gone! I see I've fallen behind here again. I've not many days off and when I do they are filled to the brim. I can be here today only because a planned visit was canceled. My friend could not come to see me so I went to visit another friend which was extra special because it was unplanned.

Being very busy with work has meant I am missing some of my favorite activities such as walking and taking photographs. I am unable to show photos on Shutterchance that are current. I had a week of last summer's, beaches, then flowers and this week, grasses. It's okay, just not my normal routine. Beache scenes, flowers and grasses have a way of making you yearn those scenes, and not stay in the present. Spring has sprung around these parts and the moment has been lovely and deserving of being captured by the camera. My daffodils are through the ground, the snow is disappearing, the evenings are lengthening and there is a general warmth in the air. It's great to be alive.

Spring is a truly lovely season and is captured beautifully by a song of the same name by Richard Shindell. I'm optomistic for spring's speedy return but accept we will likely have a bit of winter weather to contend with yet. It's traditional for us to have our St. Patricks Day storm and have had storms even later. I have a song for that event too. If Winter Weather returns, Fats Waller's great song of the same name will be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Mr. & Mrs. Dash wanted you to know that we are thinking of you today. Just wondering how many green beers will be consumed?

Cuidado said...

Only two. I worked all day. Just got home. The boy is out drinking green beer so I get to cook salmon. I am having an Irish beer, a Kilkenny, at the moment. I had two saved but the boy must have started early. Happy St. Pat's to you and Jave.