Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Chat

I had an injury that profoundly affected my life a year and a half ago. I dislocated my shoulder in an unusual way and broke my arm, which was not discovered till six and a half weeks later - my arm not the shoulder. I was absolutely stuck. I could not move my arm at all for a good lot of it and could not drive for four months. I obviously could not work.

I now truly feel for anyone who has something suddenly happen and is out of commission. The woman who I share my job with has broken her ankle and is out for six weeks. I am again doing extra shifts. I have this afternoon off after working this morning. I also have to work this evening. I've packed a whole lot into this afternoon - three loads of laundry included. My first day off is the 17th. I may not be blogging much but heck it's summer and not many are here reading anyway.

Right before I came in, Kenz brought me a big meadow vole ( a huge mouse). That's why her photo is up today. I'm proud that she has decided that birds are off limits but mice are okay. She's lovin' summer too.

The weather is hot but delightful. Clothes dry on the line in minutes, not hours. I am celebrating summer weather with a couple of songs. Here's a chance for you to too. LOL Sing along with me, "You to too, you to too..." Here's Patty Griffin with Heavenly Day and Myra Flynn with Sunshine. Gotta love it....


Carol Tiffin James said...

Don't work too hard! I had to work today on Independence Day, as a usual Sunday, but have tomorrow off (which is the official holiday). Not looking forward to the heat and humidity coming our way for the next few days. I will miss that good Southern air condition!

Cuidado said...

Carol, I had a hard time sleeping with the heat yesterday. It's that time of life. I love my job so don't mind the extra shifts. I just hope I get enough sleep. That makes all the difference.