Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking For Sunshine on Thursday

Hello from the new days of summer. We've had summer rains and overcast skies but what we need is some summer sunshine. Thursday is Canada Day!

Yesterday I watched clips of the Queen, who is visiting Canada, deplaning in Halifax. It was during a fierce downpour. I then remembered clips of when she was here for the 500th anniversary of Cabot's landing that took place in St. Johns, Nfld. in June, '97. It was absolutely the worst day you could imagine to have for weather. The Queen was wrapped in blankets by the end of it.

I am scheduled to slow down and return to my regular shifts at work. I can certainly use some gardening time in the evening to deal with slugs. The only thing not eaten by them in the garden are the tomato plants and a few peas. The first lettuce is gone to seed but new seeds planted were eaten by slugs too. It was too wet to replant today so I hope the holiday Thursday will work out.

After all my work the previous weeks, I finally got a new car. I chose a Nissan Versa. I hope it performs well for me and will be good in winter. It has very different (quicker) steering than my old car so I will have to get used to that for the winter roads. The funny things you have to consider when buying a car in a Northern climate.....

Here are a couple songs about the road. Odetta and Nine Hundred Miles and Snooks Eaglin with The Lonesome Road. I love how Van does this song but that would not fly here. Just noticed when making the links that Odetta and Snooks died within two months of each other

After the garden work, I want to go to the beach on Thursday, Canada Day. Can you believe I haven't been there this year?


Ralph said...

At this moment we're getting the only rain we've had or will have for weeks several severely hot and dry weeks. Just in time, since our dusty yard was finally seeded last week and we've been trying to keep them wet so they'll sprout with water from the hose. We're hoping this rain will give the lawn a jump start.

Ocean said...

you should put up a pic of the new car!!!!
love ya

Cuidado said...

Oh Ralph, isn't that the way? Plant grass seed and get a drought. A warm rain will do wonders for it.

Cuidado said...

Ocean, it needs to be washed. LOL

Ocean said...

send me some anyway!!!