Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Update

I am on my day off and it is so windy that it is impossible to do any outside jobs. What does it mean?...inside chores. I did two loads of laundry yesterday so had my way in the cooking, cleaning, sorting, getting things organized kind of way without that distraction. I have one day off but spent a good bit of it connected to 'the office' with various things on their part or mine.

I've had a bit of a cold for the last week, feeling not quite right. Additional work hours has left me feeling tired. I seem to sleep every available moment so I am taking care of myself in that way. It just hasn't seemed enough. I'm still tired.

I started this yesterday but got interrupted many times. I'm now off to work till 9:30 tonight so it's now or never to post this short update. I will get back when I can.


nan said...

It's good you are listening to your body! The extra sleep must be needed. I hope you'll get your usual energy back soon!

Ralph said...

You haven't mentioned doing any art lately....?

Cuidado said...

Being a person of extremely high energy, I am not used to being tired. I hope I am back to normal soon too, Nan.

Cuidado said...

I truly planned to paint on Tuesday's day off but the fact that I couldn't even finish my blog post gives you an idea. I am really missing cre8ive time, Ralph. I need it!!!