Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Is Coming

What a busy day I've had! My ears are ready to fall off. If I'd not gone for an afternoon walk you could have said I've been on the phone all day. I got out for the walk because we are expecting a storm overnight and tomorrow. I had lots of chores to do but could push them to the storm day and take the walk in the bright winter sunshine so that's what I did.

I walked and visited a friend for and hour, walked home and got on the phone again. It was easy to do lunch and supper prep while I was on the phone so had a marathon of conversations. I had my family's Christmas gifts in the mail before 25 November but that was a little early for Christmas cards so I'm phoning. They are phoning me too so there's a game of telephone tag as well.

I always play this song at this time of absolutely beautiful song. I have other related songs.....songs for the season: Morningtown Ride to Christmas by The Seekers and I Saw Three Ships by Sting. I like throwing a surprise in every once in a while.


nan said...

That is a wonderful photo!

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Nan. It's beautiful here.