Friday, December 19, 2008

Back to the Ice and Snow

I make friends wherever I go and this trip was no exception. Georgia, or Miss Peachy Pooch as I called her, was my charge for three and a half weeks. I walked her around a one and a half mile diameter lake twice a day and we got along famously. I walked the distance twenty minutes faster than her master did so got her good and tired which kept her out of mischief, a necessity with this pooch. Her lovely friend Boots, sitting behind her in this photo, took the brunt of her mischievousness. They wrestled by the hour but Boots has been declawed so she's at a bit of a disadvantage. The cat is biting back though and 'starts it' most times so you have to let it go on.

I had a wonderful time with my relative. She is a double amputee and I was very impressed with her abilities at maneuvering a series of wheelchairs and some aiding tools to do basically everything for herself. She just could not manage to walk the dog three miles a day and I was gladly able. We got a lot of shopping done, something her husband dislikes. I normally don't like it myself but there were some good bargains to be had due to the US economy. I got some terrific deals.

Though it was nice to come home, it was a bad experience coming home to the airport last night. It was really cold and there had been a recent snowfall which left my car windows covered with snow and ice. I had a skirt and tights on, a light sweater, a light winter jacket and no hat or gloves. I had to clean the car off and defrost the windows before I could drive. When I went back into the terminal to get my luggage I asked the security guard if the return flight had left yet. We had a laugh. It was 1 am and the flights had ended for the day but he understood. Ah, the Canadian winter! My sister in law said that there has been wonderful weather here and that winter came by just to welcome me home.

I read a lot while I was away and read Howard Soune's biography of Bob Dylan, Down the Highway. Maybe Bob can make winter better with Winterlude and this version of In the Bleak Midwinter by the Crash Test Dummies would make anyone feel better about it. Another Canadian does the same with Song for a Winter's Night by Gordon Lightfoot.


Ocean said...

awe, he is a big Baxter!!!

Cuidado said...

Less white on his face though, I believe. You are supposed to send some photos of Baxter, Hon.