Monday, November 24, 2008

A Needed Break

I'd love to show how excited I am to be getting off the Island and somewhere new with a photo of a big smile on my face but a shadow of jumping for joy will have to do. Yee Haw! I so love to travel but don't have the means for a lot of it so love it when I get a chance. My job isn't very hard. I'm responsible for driving and walking the dog and said I will do the cooking. The dog and cooking I will enjoy but will grin and bear the driving.

While I am gone, you can fight amongst yourselves. LOL There are lots of songs to listen to on the music pages and you can go back in the archives to peruse photos from other times "in the tiny life on PEI". There is so much to look at on the internet. It's a marvel! I'm amazed, really, that people actually stop by here. I'd like to revamp and do a few things here when I get back but I do have a glass commission to take care of first.

I think I need to leave some extra songs. Some of you will not go back into the archives or onto the music pages so for fast clickers here's a few:

I'll still be reading blogs and on line but until I'm back I won't be posting. See you before Christmas!


Ocean said...

If you aren't going to be blogging I hope you spend a lot of time out in the sun getting a tan to make up for your lack of one this summer!
You better be writing me emails while you are away though
love you

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip Sis and say to Shirley and Jim for me.

Cuidado said...

Hey Girlie, I'm trying to call you.

Alf, I will say hello though I won't be seeing Jim for long. Take care!

Ralph said...

Bye! Enjoy the warm!

xenmate said...

Cuidado, do these flats ring a bell to you?

Cuidado said...

Oh, Xenmate! I'm so glad you found that. I used the photo once in a post a couple of years ago byt could never find the link again. I think it's a fascinating building and the video, though short showed some of the cool features. Thanks

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Ralph. I'm already enjoying myself. The walks around the lake are incredible as we go at sunset for one of them.