Monday, November 03, 2008

Computer Update

Here's an update on the computer woes. My computer is still a patient. Though this virus problem doesn't apply she is still under warranty and I took her to her place of purchase out of habit. Staff problems and general apathy in regard to that staff doing their job have become apparent. They informed me on Thursday that they'd had no internet for a certain amount of days but that they 'might see about it today'. I'm not sure what they need the internet for in repairing my computer in the first place.

I am missing my online life but am finding more time in my real life. I have completely cleaned and reorganized my two room (not adjoining) studio space and am painting again. I am ready to switch to glass at a moment's notice. I am planning to sketch some windows while I am away and have retained the commission this winter that I had to drop last winter because of injury etc. A busy beaver as usual. I'm not sure if I've said here that I'm going to Florida in a few weeks for three weeks. I'm busy with some organization regarding that. I arrive home only a week befor Christmas and that's makes gift sending a bit difficult so am dealing with it now. An organizational nightmare for someone who wants to be in the country painting , not shopping ot arranging things to come together for Christmas, almost two months away.

It is still windy. It's been a very windy autumn. I think last year or the year before was windy like this. I am walking when I can but have generally been dancing for my fitness. I have fun with myself and am happy for all the cd's I've made.

My son has music on his laptop so perhaps I could give you one of his tunes. I'm sure I could find some Bob Dylan or something suitable. Darn! Sadly, this computer is dressed in Vista and the newest version of the music player so I would have to do too much fiddling to get everything to work....let alone remember my Putfile information. So, when I get the old girl back, I'll get back to music and photos.

I am certainly missing the selection of music I have on my computer. I have a million cd's but when I want to hear a certain song, it's not available. I am also missing my bookmarks a lot. Looking up specific weather tools like the currrent radar or something simple like that that I do regularly is now a multi-page adventure.

If I can figure out the way to get my many windows I need to stay visible, I'll add some music later.


Ralph said...

Been thinking about you, Cuidado, imagining you've forgotten about us! Nice to hear from you, bummer about the non-service you are receiving. Hope you are up and running bdfore Florida. And if you ever get around to glass, post pictures!

Cuidado said...

Picked up the old girl last night, Ralph. I've not been gone - been visiting every day from my son's laptop.