Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter's Entrance

What a day! It was a snowy landscape this morning but I thought the day would be a nice one with a bit of shoveling in the sun and go on as usual. Then the power went out - twice. I have not had a shower. This is a very rare occasion and I'm not exactly happy about it. The wind came up about 9:30 and from then on it was a very windy day that definitely was not conducive to going out. A nasty day! I shoveled the deck mid-afternoon but had to warp the door to get it open this morning. Nasty! Winter has arrived. I'm going to ignore it all I can and try not to complain about it here.

The birds and cats are marvels. We, all three, were out on the deck together and it was wonderful. All living as we should. We all talked (chirped, meowed, maybe) and got along as pleasantly as could be with snow all around us. I provided seeds. The cats stayed out longer than I did and have been napping since. I love how it all works out.

One of my favorite songwriters of the past few years has been Brandi Carlile. I've been singing her praises since here. Her song The Story is still one of my all-time favorite songs. She is a wonder! Today I have her song, Hiding My Heart. I so love this woman's music and hope you do to. Brooke Miller is a girl I've known since she was young. Her mom is a friend of mine. She's married, a step-mother and living off-island now but I love her albums. Here is World On a Whim for today and Country From the Domecar as a bonus. A simple Google search brings all this.


Carol Tiffin James said...

We got snow in Maine, too - on moving day for our so and his wife to their first-ever house! What a day! Lots of beauty, and lots of work... Great picture!

Cuidado said...

Hi Carol. If you had the wind we did it wouldn't have been a good moving day. It was vicious. I think these storms were wide spread and hit a lot of both countries this week.