Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free To Be

I don't have to cook dinner tonight and for that I'm thankful. A night off stove duty is just what the doctor ordered. I feel like I have no responsibilities today, no chores that have to be done NOW or any important matter to attend to. It almost feels like the first day that I've been completely free to do what I wanted or felt like at the moment. Kat talks about retirement sometimes and I feel like she enjoys these type of days quite often. Someday....

I painted off and on for a couple of hours but today was dark and raining and it was a bit difficult. I paint only in natural light and when it's really dark and overcast it's too much of an eyestrain. Using the vacuum cleaner doesn't require such extreme visual concentration so I did a bit of that too. Dancing and Oprah were on my list of doing what I wanted, as well as some packing and organization. I made a trip out to the post office and boy the weather has changed; I had to wear a jacket. It has cooled considerably and has rained lightly most of the day.

Today I have a song for the dark and dreary of rain and one for the sunshine dancing brings me. Eleni Mandell has this lovely number, It's Raining and for the dance, It Don't Mean a Thing by Club Des Belugas is fabulous. I love this band. Their song, Skip to the Bip, was one of the songs danced to on So You Think You Can Dance Canada a couple of weeks ago.

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