Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Waves

I had an unexpected visitor this afternoon so am a bit late with posting. I was quite happy to welcome a visitor. I'd been cleaning most of the day and it was nice to have the break. We visited for a while, then played a game of scrabble. She brought me two boxes of ibuprofen that she bought at a drugstore in the US for 88 cents a box. It was an error at the drugstore so she bought 6 boxes. I plan on stocking up on some items if I can get some good deals when I'm in the US but will probably spend most of my money at the Body and Bath Store.

My son is probably just leaving this beach bar in Mexico right now, on his way to get something to eat before tonight's partying begins. Oh, to be in my twenties again (with what I know now). I remember them well but can't live at that pace at all anymore. I partied in this Mexican town when I was in my twenties too. I didn't need sleep then. My upcoming vacation will be much different and I'm ok with that.

I figured out a way to keep Windows Media Player on the task bar which also kept the last played playlist without saving. Only trouble is that when I came in now to do this, it is nowhere in sight. I went through the steps I went to to get this and the command is checked but it is not here on my desktop. I should stop publicly complaining about this but it's the first time I've had to reformat a computer. It's all a bit difficult to me. Ask me if I do windows......and I have another interpretation.

Today's music is what impressed me today while playing some of the cd's I've made. First, City of Night by Pink Martini. I really like this band.

Just had a phone call that made me lose my train of thought about the music. Am I talking about an age-related thing again? Song....something quick... I remember. One of the cd's I played today was called Citified and it had New York by Luke Doucet.

My son is "hoping to make it to New York" as the lyrics say. He has his ticket so as long as he leaves Mexico on time he'll spend four nights there. He will be doing different things than I do. I talked to a friend today who also just returned from a trip to New York with her husband and she didn't do the things that I'd do either.

My vacation can't come fast enough. I'm starting to get itchy feet.

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