Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've earned a rest so am going for an early post today . I've been working like a fiend and have most of my outside chores finished. Enough for today anyway. I can finish up tomorrow. I need a bit of help with some heavy lifting too. It's lovely outside at fifteen degrees but the sun didn't come out as forecast. Maybe tomorrow.

The birds finally showed up at the feeders so I had some retraining to do with the cats. They've been conditioned not to bother birds but required a bit of a refresher. I think they'll be fine. I hope so anyway because they're outside together now.

My daughter's best friend is coming for supper tonight. She was almost part of the family at one time and has had many a meal here but not for a while. My daughter has always been surrounded by an entourage and with her gone, I've been missing having the young people around.

I recently discovered Denison Witmer and his new album entitled COVERS. Is There a Ghost, a Band of Horses' cover, reminds me of the ghost of all the young people's voices that once filled this house. It's amazing all the changes and stages a household goes through. This simple quiet version of I Can't Make You Love Me is nice too.


Ralph said...

Love that picture!

Cuidado said...

That is a daily pose, Ralph. What am I saying. That is an hourly pose.

Ocean said...

Look at that belly! Cute. How was supper?

Cuidado said...

Fabulous! Tara had a bad cold though.