Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Checking In

They say these things come in three. Lets hope not! My repairman just left with broken dishwasher parts - the same repairman who was here last week to repair my furnace. My computer is in the shop for the second time, this time to probably be reformatted, and I take my car into the shop on Thursday for a problem it is having but is as yet undetermined. I need a bigger bank account.

My son loaned this laptop to a colleague for the week so I've not been online since my last post here. I miss my online friends. I looked at a few blogs this morning but don't have my bookmarks to point me to the ones I usually visit. I went to only ones I link to. I hope I pick up my computer and that all will be back to normal soon.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that four?? If things come in threes, that must mean your car will be a-ok..

Cuidado said...

Hey, A. With the age of the car, it's not often that there's nothing wrong with it. Just called the computer repair place. She's not ready yet.