Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Balance - what we all want to achieve in running our lives. I think spending less time on the computer may be helping me successfully reach this end. Especially this laptop computer of my son's. We're not working well together. Putfile is somehow involved too as it works one minute, not the next. It seems such a hassle to come on line, I think I may stay off till mine is back from the shop. Missing the music, as usual and I miss sending it out there - to you.


nan said...

Hi Cuidado. Missing your regular posts, and I hope that your computer finally gets fixed for once and for all. Interesting comment that spending less time on the computer is helping with balance. I guess moderation in all things is not a bad practice. Be well!

Ralph said...

I know what you mean about balance, too. I've been spending more time here than usual because I have a big job to do with Itunes--anything with 7,000 files is going to be time consuming, doncha think???

We'll see you when you get back!

Kat said...

It gets more difficult to find balance. I found I was spending less time on the computer, but not through any effort, just happenstance, but was still not getting done all I expected. The other day I decided I would do exactly as I pleased. That's been working out just fine.

We'll see you in a bit!

Cuidado said...

I pretty well do that most of the time myself, Kat, and I do enjoy my time on-line. I get a lot more done when the computer's not here though.