Thursday, April 02, 2009

Growing Up?

The snow storms have abated, at least for a few days. Long enough for me to get to town and take care of business. It was a sunny and warm day in town, absolutely beautiful. I was dressed too heavily but believe it or not I was glad at one point. As a friend and I were standing on the sidewalk beside my car, a car of teens went by, hit a pothole, and soaked us. I actually had to dry my hair and face. I had a long leather coat and long leather boots so my other clothing was saved. They rolled down a window and yelled sorry.

I continue in the education of tending my hair. I learned how to use a curling iron and electric rollers yesterday. They worked well and was told the curl should last three days. I got up this morning to my normal straight hair. It is all actually bringing back memories of my childhood and my mother attempting to do things with my straight hair. I had home perms and they had to stay on longer than everyone else's as my hair refused to curl. I remembered sleeping in brush rollers in high and junior high school. I believe I had blocked it all out. I had certainly never thought of it again in all these years.

I just moments ago finished my children's CD. I probably have played a few songs from it here already. Let's see. Taj Mahal's Fishin' Blues is one, Workin' In a Coalmine by Devo. I had a couple of Dan Hicks songs yesterday and another one of his cuts has made the kids album. His Hummin' To Myself is perfect for children too. The Garden Song by David Mallett is perfect as well. There are many, many more. I would say 80 percent of what I have on the CD has already played on this blog. That is making me wonder?!?! Nothing new today. I have to psychoanalyze this. Hmmmm....locking out childhood torture, having a predilection to children's music.......hmmmm.


Ralph said...

Cuidado, you strike me as a very independent woman who couldn't care less about artifice, so I'm curious whom you are listening to about your hair and why. You don't have to answer, and I'm enjoying your funny stories about it, but it seems somehow out of character from the person that usually comes through in the space....

Cuidado said...

I got a new haircut, Ralph. It is the haircut itself. It is layered an supposedly you can do things with it. It has turned out to be3 just fine leaving it just washed so that's probably what I will end up doing 99 percent of the time.