Friday, April 03, 2009

Town Birds

I had a wonderful day in town with friends. I was taking one friend to a 'birthday lunch' and another friend called just as I was leaving. He suggested a meeting of all concerned and several suggestions for a wonderful afternoon. The birthday girl had some appointments so the other friend and I went to a Home Show, a commercial spring ritual around these parts. There we met different friends and it was a fun spring afternoon. Yes, spring. Spring is here at last. It is wonderful. We lost our promise of sunshine today but it was still warm, T shirt weather for many.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather. My son was sick on the weekend with a mild flu and I have been headachy, a bit nauseous, and exhausted feeling the last couple of days. I'd say I got a mild version of his malady. Just not up to top form. I never get headaches and this one has been mildly present for several days. I'm sure I'll swing right out of it as usual.

Music, music. I just got home and haven't listened to any today to remind me of anything. Perhaps I'll be lazy since it's late and draw from the bank of songs already up here. I love the song, Company of Friends, by Danny Schmidt so much as I've said before, so to play it again is a pleasure. Dear, dear. Putfile has been reorganizing and recently some songs have been available and some have not. I like the song so much that I'll put it up on the new space too. Another of his fabulous songs fits right in to today as well. He talks about health: This Too Shall Pass. I really like him so will put that up again too.

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