Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friends for Life

I have to make it short again. My supper preparations aren't finished. I went from beginning to make cannelloni to making a vegetarian lasagna. The whole wheat lasagna noodles are cooking now. I ruined one batch of cannelloni filling too. After I had everything in the bowl, I threw in a container of cottage cheese that had gone bad so through out the old mixture and started again, to find I didn't have enough cannelloni shells. Luckily the tomato sauce I made can be used for either.

I had a busy day with car repairs and errands. I brought a sick friend some cheery daffodils. I got the terrible news yesterday, that another friend, my long time, very close friend and room mate from the early seventies has breast cancer. Im in a kind of shock. I talked to her yesterday and again today. She is having surgery on the 7th. My dad talked about this age where we or our friends are having surgeries and illnesses, and we're attending lots of funerals too. No one is immune to the dreadful disease and it seems to be so widespread now.

Today's music is for my old friend Pam, now living in Alberta. We sang this James Taylor song together at a friend's wedding many years ago. Here is the classic You've Got a Friend. Tired Skin by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes kind of fits the mortal situation she is feeling.

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