Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Finds

After complaining the last couple of summers of never getting to the beach, this year I am changing my tune. Happily. I've been spending lots of time at the shore this year and it is absolutely glorious. Any kind of beach is available on PEI. The beach can be secluded or out in the open, small or huge. The bottom can be sandy or rocky, and the water warm or cold. It can be crowded or you can be the only human in sight. I've visited all kinds of beaches this summer and have experienced each aspect at one or another.

The spot I visited on Sunday had fabulous rocks because of a lot of oyster drills in the area. My companion and I are both avid rock people so were happy as could be. There were only two other people at the end we were beachcombing. The water was very warm, like a bathtub.

I'm feeling so mellow from all this beach-going, that I'm going to play music to match. Not many are more mellow than Iron and Wine. Here is Sea and the Rhythm and Naked as We Came. I love singing along with these songs. They match my voice.


Ralph said...


Cuidado said...

It's been good, Ralph.

nan said...

I continue to enjoy your photography very much - and I loved the Iron and Wine Sea and the Rhythm. Thanks.

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Nan. I've certainly had lots of beach shots.