Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Call of the Beaches

What a hot summer this is turning out to be. I am inside for a couple of days working on some glass and it's a bit of relief. I had a trip to the beach last week and got sunburnt and a mild case of sunstroke or sun sickness. For two days I was completely drained with almost zero energy and that, my friends, is very unusual for me. My daughter's friend who was with us suffered the same fate but her skin blistered as well. We were at the beach too long basically - from before noon to after five in the sun with not a cloud in the sky and temps of 28 C.

We had an overnight rain once last week but none this week. Yesterday there were showers forecast but we recieved none - just more heat. I was wishing for rain and everyone thought I was crazy. I like the balance rain brings.

On Sunday I attended a twenty-fifth annual and final celebration of friendship, seafood and music that has been a mainstay of my summers. Our sons and daughters now have sons and daughters and three and maybe four generations were together. It was marvelous to see all the new babies and children. The oldsters played music in the early part and the youngin's took over the stage for the late night. I will miss this yearly event and tradition as I don't get to see a good many of the folks on a regular basis. I was always guaranteed a chance to catch up once a year and have a good time and wonderful food and music while doing it.

This song comes to mind every time I go swimming and I should play the real thing instead of the weird rhymes in my head. I always enjoy Loudon Wainwright III and The Swimming Song. The second song is for a friend who came over from Halifax for the party and also played a set on Sunday night. She does a GREAT version of this song, Deep River Blues done here by Janet Bean.

Why not a couple extra songs to make up for my lack of attendence here this summer. I love If It's the Beaches by The Avette Brothers and stupidity once in my life will not keep me away from the beaches. I am going down for a swim after posting as a matter of fact. Finally a request from the heavens said perfectly by Jo Dee Messina with Bring on the Rain. I'm only asking for one day or night, not a deluge.


Ralph said...

Be careful in the sun!!! I know you know better....

Why just these huge family shindigs end? What a shame.

Cuidado said...

I used sunscreen and reapplied. I only got burned in the areas where the sun rarely shines. It was just too many hours in the sun.

I didn't ask why the parties were ending but I will miss them. Maybe the kids will carry them on and invite the parents.