Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I need help with blogging

If anyone can help here, it would be appreciated. Pictures are not going where I put them in my post. For instance, the cat picture at the top of the last postwas supposed to appear at the end.

I also want to put songs with a post and do not know how. Maybe blogger is the wrong place.

Also a couple more meme questions....

Three things that scare you:
George Bush

Three favorite foods:


Ocean said...

Three things that scare me:
Public Speaking

Three favorite foods:
Tomato Sandwiches

Aaron said...

Three things that scare me:
- being in a lingerie store in Cambridge with my mother :)
- my sister behind the wheel :)
- Ever losing my wife

Three favorite foods:
- My Mom's spaghetti and a glass of milk
- A medium-rare TBone steak
- A cold beer on my deck at night (pref. Schooner)

Mom - I don't know what 'Ceviche' is..

Mom said...

It is marinated raw fish. You wouldn't like it.

Christine said...

Three things that scare you:
*Stephen Harper or George Bush about equally

Three favorite foods:
*My Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

Anonymous said...

Three things that me:
1 Cares Behind the wheel, still remember the old lady on the bycicle.. LOL
2 Dad behind the wheel.I think he's made me squirt a couple of times.
3 Worm behind the wheel. I mentioned squirts yup..

3 Favorite foods:

1 Dry Garlic Moose ribs. Im droolin
2 Cares banana muffins. Droolin more
3Spud salad and picnic ham.Droolin that much got to go eat